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Tournament Regulations
Last updated: 13 November 2023

The Tournament Director will have the final decision in all disputes and reserves the right to alter any of the below rules and regulations at any time.

  1. FIVB rules (2022-2024) apply except where noted.

  2. The game time stated on the draw is the starting time for the game. 10 minute warm up will commerce 10 minutes before the game time on the draw. Both teams can start hitting warm-up by mutual agreement during the 10 minute warm up without referee’s instructions. Warm up may be reduced to 5 minutes if games are running late.

  3. All divisions will play best of 3 sets with NO time limit. In the final set, rally point scoring to 15 (with 2 point lead) will be used.

  4. All Gold Medal matches will be the best of 5 sets with no time limit. However, at the discretion of the Tournament Director these can be reduced to best of 3 sets if necessary.

  5. The VA 12 Substitution Rule shall be used for all divisions:

    • A maximum of twelve (12) substitutions per set

    • A player may take the court only three (3) times per set, including starting on court

    • Once a player has started in, or is substituted into, a particular rotational position, that player may only be substituted back into that same position for the duration of the set

    • The Libero can be changed at the end of each set and must be noted on the rotation slips. Up to two Liberos can be used per set, but only one can be on the court at one time (as per FIVB rules).

  6. Only players recorded on the scoresheet or the master team list may enter the court and play in the match. Teams may submit the team list before the tournament up to Thursday, which will be printed on the master team list at the front desk. You need to check AND sign the master team list upon arrival to confirm it’s correct. Teams are NOT required to write team list on the scoresheet before each game if they are on the master team list. However, the captain/coach should still sign the BLANK team list on the scoresheet before each game to confirm the master team list is correct. Alternatively, teams can still write the FULL team list on the scoresheet before each game as usual. Court supervisor will conduct random checks on the player list against the players on the court during matches.

  7. Teams not ready to commence play at the completion of the warm up period will lose the first set 0-25. If after a further ten minutes a team is not ready for play, that team will lose the match 0-2, with the scores 0-25, 0-25. That team will also be fined $50 ($25 will be credited to the opponent team).

  8. At the completion of the preliminary round matches, team positions will be determined by the following criterion:

    • 1st Criteria – Competition points

    • 2nd Criteria – Sets for and against

    • 3rd Criteria – Points for and against

    • 4th Criteria – The winning team in the preliminary round matches.

  9. Duty Teams

    • Duty teams not present at the start of a match as scheduled will incur a duty forfeit and be fined $25.

    • Duty teams as listed on the official draw must consist of 1st and 2nd referees, scorer, and two line judges. Qualified 1st referees may be provided for some matches.

    • At the end of the match, duty teams are responsible for passing the match ball to the next duty team and returning the scoresheet (if not collected by staff) to the office. Match balls should not be used for warm-ups. Loss of match balls between games will incur a $50 fine to both duty teams involved. Any teams found stealing balls will lose their bond completely.

    • Duty teams must ensure that the score sheet is correctly completed before submitting it to the Court Supervisor. Match duration and MVP sections of the score sheet are NOT required. Duty teams in both men’s and women’s divisions must be able to use the score sheet properly, or $30 fine will apply.

    • Duty teams must provide a 1st referee of reasonable standard (preferably Level 1 or above for Div 2, Level 2 or above for Div 1). If any duty teams fail to provide a proper referee or an external referee is required as deemed by the chief referee, $50 will be deducted from the bond.

    • It is a health requirement that teams provide their own whistles. Limited number of whistles will be available for sale.

  10. Players

    • Jerseys do not have to be the same colour/design but the numbers must be different. Libero must wear a shirt with CONTRASTING colour to the rest of the team. Libero can wear a shirt without a number and will be recorded as ‘0’. But libero number must be noted on the rotation slip. It is also acceptable for Libero to wear the regular jersey inside out to meet this requirement.

    • Players may play for only one team throughout the tournament except for extenuating circumstances, such as injuries and when approval has been granted by the Tournament Director. This applies to ALL divisions.

    • All teams may borrow only 1 player from the same or lower divisions to make a team of 5 or 6 if agreed by both captains and 1st referee (or by tournament director). But the player’s name must be recorded on the score sheet. Borrowing players from higher divisions are NOT permitted except for extenuating circumstances and must be approved by the tournament director. Teams are usually NOT allowed to borrow any players in medal play-offs.

    • Men must NOT play in women’s division. Women will be permitted to play in men’s divisions. However, it is not recommended for women to play in men’s division 1. Mixed teams are encouraged to enter in men’s division 2.

    • For a player to qualify to play in the top 4 semi-finals and medal matches, the player must have played at least ONE game before that match. If there are no games before semi-finals or medal matches on SUNDAY, tournament director may grant special permission for that team upon request.

    • If any teams are found to breach the above rules, the game will be deemed as a forfeit. But no fines will apply in this case. All teams are encouraged to check players’ eligibility of each other and may use photo or video evidence to report any breaches.

  11. The Blank Spot: Missing players on court can be replaced with an effective blank spot. The blank spot counts as a player and when the blank spot 'serves', the serve is automatically lost. Blank spots are to be marked with an 'X' on rotation sheets and score sheets. Note: Blank spots effectively reduce the number of front court players when the blank spot is a front court player. A team may play a maximum of one blank spot.

  12. Competition Points: Win 3 Loss 1 Forfeit -1

  13. Summary of Fines:

    • Game Forfeit: $50 ($25 will be credited to the opponent team)

    • Duty Forfeit: $25

    • 1st referee below standard: $50, or scorer below standard: $30

    • Loss of match ball: $50 (per duty team involved)

    • Stealing of balls: $100

    • Damage of equipment: at cost.

By entering the tournament, teams must agree with all the rules and regulations of the tournament and understand the organiser may modify the rules if necessary. The organiser will also have the consent by default to take pictures/videos of the teams.

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